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Fit & Fabulous Bodywraps is a professional bodywrap company that has been around the Atlanta area since 2005. Our clients over the years have raved about the results our body wraps have given them in 1-3 visits. Our Infrared Bodywrap system includes our exclusive Herbal-Collagen blend body wrap formula and the heat is generated by Infrared Saunas which helps deliver faster results and gives you benefits of a cardio workout. We can help you lose inches quickly off your stomach, thighs, hips, arms or rear, tone up or reduce cellulite. If you want to feel more confident in your clothes, prom dress, bathing suit, wedding dress, or uniform, by booking with us you will be happy you called.  If you have a Military PT coming up, call us at 678-468-7882, our body wraps have helped to reduce inches around the waistline and ultimately saved jobs.  In 2016 we are going to be offering a bigger variety of services such as Eyelash Extensions, Massages and More.  Call us today at 678-468-7882 to get started. 

Waist Trainer/Sculpting Gel only $89
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Waist Training has become very popular over the past years especially since celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kandi Burruss, and Porsha Williams started showing off their fabulous bodies by wearing their cute waist cinchers. Waist Training isn't new as back during the Victorian Days it was called Tightlacing which was the result of women pulling their corset strings extremely tight to make their waistlines smaller. Today some people are not doing waist training safely as they are allowing their clients to squeeze into the smallest size garments. At Fit & Fabulous Bodywraps we only promote healthy waist training as we fit our clients for the right size fashionable shapewear. We only offer the best Columbian waist cinchers on the market by Ann Chery. Our clients don't complain about not being able to breathe in our garments, which ultimately makes it easier to wear. Our clients are losing and melting fat off their waistlines at alarming rates with or without exercise. Call 678-468-7882 and book your private fitting appointment today, or call us and we can ship your product out after doing a personal consultation with you. 

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