Fit & Fabulous since 2005 has provided our clients with mouth dropping results from our Sculpting Body Wraps, Laser Lipo (Strawberry Laser) services, Sculpting Gels/Waist Cinchers. Over the years we have had the pleasure of helping our clients look their best for all occasions. We recently collobrated with Fantasia's Personal Trainer Sonya D before the BET Honors Awards and did our Laser/Wrap services on Fantasia. Her results were amazing see the letter we received from Sonya D under the Celeb Clients tab. You too can become a believer... call us today at 678-468-7882 to schedule your private appointment. 
Buddy Specials
Got Curves Party 
Payment Options
Book your appointment with your friend/family member and we will give you a Free Sculpting Wrap with your Laser or a Free Facial Mask with your Wrap.
Do you know 4-8 people that want to get their bodies in shape quick. We have a party that's not only fun but beneficial. Our parties include our Laser, Sculpting Gels, Wraps, Ionic Footbaths and more. The neat part about the whole process is we come to you. As a host you can earn your services for FREE. 
We have various financing options to help you purchase your package of Laser Lipo. Please ask us how you can get started for only $89. Click on the link to see how much you prequalify with NO credit check. 

Strawberry Laser Lipo
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