Laser/Wrap Membership

Our Laser/Wrap membership allows clients to be able to continue a 3 month maintenance program at a much lower rate. This program is for serious minded people. This membership allows you to get 1 Laser/Wrap monthly for only $89 and unlimited Lasers for only $89 afterwards.   



3 Works Wraps

Lose Inches, Tighten Up, and Reduce Your Cellulite all while you relax in the Infrared Sauna



3 Strawberry Lasers
1 free Wrap

We've really gone nuts in trying to help our clients get into shape for their new years resolution. So nuts that we're selling our packages for almost the price of one laser which is normally $300. The Wrap which is normally $65  will help tighten up your skin more will be given to you free on your first visit and any visit afterwards will only be $20.



5 Strawberry Lasers
2 free Wrap​​s

We're offering our clients an even bigger deal that no one around town is offering as the regular cost for a laser is $300 and the wrap is normally $65 each. Used to tighten up the skin more and you can always add a wrap to the area lasered for only $20.