Our Mission 
Our motto has always been to provide everyone that comes in our doors with awesome results and great customer service. We realize and value your time, therefore over the 13 years we have incorporated more efficiency services into our menu.  Our bodywraps have been around since day one and we have gained a lot of recognition for them. In 2013 we were asked for a product that people could do at home, so we designed a unique bodywrap system for home use. In 2016 we were so impressed with the 20 minute results from the #1 FDA approved Strawberry Laser Lipo we decided to incorporate the UK system in with our already amazing bodywrap services. ​
Our Services 
Our clients get their best bodies without surgery when they include our herbal infused solutions, Nip & Tuck Souffle, Cellulite Smoothies, Strawberry Laser Lipo and Far Infrared Saunas. Our non-surgical equipment will offer you peace & serenity while your body transforms before your eyes. Brides, new moms, models and the military are some of our biggest cheerleaders.  Some celebrity clients that love our services and products include but are not limited to B.Simone, Fantasia, Dr. Contessa, Brandi Mallory, Daysha Taylor and more. 
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