Train Your Waistline

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Fit & Fabulous has been around for almost 14 years. We have proven over the years that our services inside and outside the business yield results. That's right now you can get amazing results outside the business if you use the belt and gel as instructed. Back in 2014 we rolled this product out to only our customers who came inside the business. The product worked so good we didn't see those weekly clients any longer and they couldn't stop being excited about their transformation while at home.

We have 3 awesome products that will help you go down in less than  2 weeks.

Compression Waist Belts 
Sculpting Gel 
Black Wrap 
These products while paired with exercising and healthy eating will have you wanting more. 
B.Simone is the LARGER than life comedian with 2 million instagram followers. She's currently on Nick Cannon's Wild N Out this season and she's a Fashion Goddess. 

Belt N Gel On Sale $50
Call 678-468-7882 to Order 

Wrap $20

Belt $45

Gel $29


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