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The BEST and LATEST Celebrity Secret is the #1 FDA Approved Laser Lipo in the country. It's Non-Evasive, pain-free and gives you proven results 10 minutes. It doesn't damage fat cells, and it can be used on most body parts. Liposuction results without surgery when multiple sessions are done and it's Cheaper than Coolsculpting. Seen on TV.... Rachel Ray, The Doctors Show, Married To Medicine and more. 
Bodywraps have been around since the 80's. Over the years a lot of different bodywraps have been introduced into the marketplace. Bodywraps help to get rid of unwanted toxins that accumulate in your fat cells via detoxification which will make your body look smaller. Wraps help to tighten up flabby skin, reduce cellulite and also help to nourish the skin. Some wraps help to also assist with weight loss.  
Fit & Fabulous has been around for over 14 years. We have experience in helping people to get their bodies right. Our bodywraps have helped clients get down without any equipment. Our solution is heat activated and it shrinks the fat and helps to tighten the skin. In 2014 we introduced our Slimming Gel and Waist Belts and our clients have lost so much and keep bragging about it. 
Dr. Contessa Metcalfe
 Bravo TV's
"Married To Medicine"

"I highly recommend Fit & Fabulous. I had to be filmed for the show and only had 2 days to look the best in my dress. I called and spoke to Patrice who assured me of their services and got me in right away. When I was finished with my services, my body felt firmer and I looked FABULOUS! I loved the services so much I did 6 more treatments and I use the Scuplting Belt & Gel when I work out. " 
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