Sonja D 
Celebrity Personal Trainer

I Was Getting Depressed 

I was beginning to think it was hopeless. Since I turned 50, I suddenly developed belly fat and love handles that I had never had before. I tried every diet, exercise program, pills...nothing worked. I was getting depressed and about to throw in the towel, when I heard about Strawberry Laser Lipo. I figured I had nothing to lose...boy was I wrong. I lost inches...and lots of them. My midsection melted before my eyes and I was able to wear clothes I had not worn in years after only 4 treatments and strictly following all recommendations (maintain weight and exercise). The whole experience has been great! The procedure is a painless 20 to 30 minutes. Patrice is excellent and makes you so comfortable, you can fall asleep during the treatment! You can add a wrap to add even more skin tightening and toning. I highly recommend Patrice and her Strawberry Laser Lipo to help take inches off and tone up.​​

I'm Addicted To Laser/Wrap Combos

5 Years ago I was referred to Fit & Fabulous for their bodywrap services and I've been in love ever since.  I especially would call them every year around my birthday when it was time to do my annual birthday photo shoot. My weight and cellulite has always worked my nerves. All I had to do was call Patrice and she would get me in for a package of wraps and when I was done my body would be tight and right. This year I did their Accelerated Waist Training program which includes their waist trainers and toning gel. I was so happy to add this to my daily routine to compliment my exercise regimen. In only 2 weeks I was able to see drastic results in my stomach, waist and even the cellulite looked much better because I was able to use the gel on my thighs. Now I'm addicted to their Laser Lipo. I was a worried because I thought it would hurt but to my surprise it was totally relaxing and pain free. I didn't feel a thing and my results had me taking a double take in the mirror. By adding the sculpting wrap to the area I got lasered my results were amazing!

My Muffin Top Shrunk

I was referred to Fit & Fabulous by a friend and colleague after I talked to her about my weight gain and upcoming fitness test. She raved about how well the wraps worked for her and others so I thought I'd give it a try. After the first visit two weeks I immediately noticed the inches lost, now after three visits doing the laser lipo and wraps I have lost 5 lbs and 3 inches around my waist, but the best thing is my muffin top has shrunk and waist definition is more pronounced. I have more energy and drive, and am now working out 5 times a week. I would recommend the wraps and laser lipo.

I'm Confident In Baring My Body In My Bikini

I was impressed at the personalized efforts made to make my experience at Fit & Fabulous Body Wraps such a wonderful and relaxing one. I was able to slim and tighten up those trouble spots which helped my confidence for baring my body in my bikini for vacation. I will definately be back! 
Disclaimer: The claims above are all individual experiences and do not reflect any guarantees. Results will vary from person to person 
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